I have an android project that currently uses Cmake for including all .cpp /.c code. Now I want to add the GStreamer native libraries such that I can use them in my native code. But the gstreamer docs https://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/documentation/installing/for-android-development.html only document using ndk-build to use gstreamer on android.

Now I don't want to totally refactor my project to use ndk-build and Android.mk because

  1. CMake does its job and i never had problems with it

  2. as stated here cmake is the default for android ndk https://developer.android.com/studio/projects/add-native-code

  3. I also need to include the googlevr ndk library that uses cmake.

So I need to figure out a workaround and therefore need your help. Here are some ideas I came up with

  1. Each module can have ether cmake or ndk-build support. Therefore, I probably could add a new module using ndk-build and include gstreamer there (but then gstreamer is only available in this module)
  2. Compile gstreamer for android using cmake inside android studio - but I don't see evidence that has been done before or is possible for someone without strong cmake knowledge.

Any other ideas/ improvements ? thanks


At some point I gave up on gstreamer and am now using ffmpeg instead. There is a nice tutorial for compiling ffmpeg that makes including native ffmpeg inside an android project really easy:

Tutorial on Medium

Github project

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