In the minimal type class example below, scala 2.12.6 / sbt 1.2.1 complains could not find implicit value for parameter tc: tryout.Tryout.TypeClassTrait[Int]. If I uncomment the println line, it compiles. I was expecting this to work without the println because I import everything from the companion object.

Is this a bug or a feature? (By the way: Setting the scalac option -Xlog-implicits did not produce anything helpful.)

trait Tryout {
  import Tryout._
//  println(IntTypeClass) // uncomment this line to make compile work
  show(3)                 // compile fails here
object Tryout {
  trait TypeClassTrait[T] {
    def show(t: T): Unit
  implicit object IntTypeClass extends TypeClassTrait[Int] {
    override def show(t: Int): Unit = println(t)
  def show[T](t: T)(implicit tc: TypeClassTrait[T]): Unit = tc.show(t)

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