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Hi guys,

I need some help and tricks for develop the next requirement;

I am using the Prestashop version; I need to add a new step between the LOGIN STEP and THE ADDRESS STEP.

For example in this NEW STEP I want to add a dropdown or select2 or combobox to show for examples the cities of my country and with the select value feed the next step.

Some suggestions or tricks are welcome !

Thanks in advance


I am developing a new step. I used the code above, but that's just the beginning. I was guided by the management processes and personal information.

  • check controllers/front/OrderController.php


        ->addStep(new CheckoutPaymentStep(
            new PaymentOptionsFinder(),
            new ConditionsToApproveFinder(

that is the beginning there is more, guiate of the other processes are there, copy and paste one below, edit taking in reference the other steps. I'm doing it, but I have problems with relationships.



Why not populating it on first or second step if it's just a selector ?

An idea could be to hide address selection and feeding it after with some Javascript.

Anyway you could use a hook and a module to implement it with a better compliance to Prestashop's model.

You can find module/hook generator here : http://validator.prestashop.com And a list of hooks here with their usage : http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS17/Hooks+in+PrestaShop+1.7.x

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