I need to write questions with the exams package of R and Latex with numbering and without title, like this:

I need so

I don't need the title "Question", like this:

I do not need that

Last image was write with the following code, from:


The code in R is:



<<echo=FALSE, results=hide>>=

What is the seat of the federal
authorities in Switzerland
(i.e., the de facto capital)?

  \item Basel
  \item Bern
  \item Geneva
  \item Lausanne
  \item Zurich
  \item St.~Gallen
  \item Vaduz

There is no de jure capital but
the de facto capital and seat of
the federal authorities is Bern.

  \item False.
  \item True.
  \item False.
  \item False.
  \item False.
  \item False.
  \item False.

\exname{Swiss Capital}


It is possible to write questions with numbering and without title, how?



Define each question as an individual .Rnw file, then using a template, that you can customize later, you will get the questions listed. When each question has different number of points I think you could insert that information at the beginning of each question (inside the .Rnw file). For the simple case run the R script:


## exam with a simple vector of exercises in R/LaTeX (.Rnw) format
myexam2 <- c("swisscapital.Rnw","switzerland.Rnw")

## generate the PDF version of a exam with template exam.tex
exams2pdf(myexam2, template = "exam.tex")

exams2pdf output

For guidance on authoring LaTeX templates for the exams package, see also Section 3 in vignette("exams", package = "exams"). Table 4 shows that the default plain.tex template defines the {question} environment with the \textbf{Problem} title whereas for example the exam.tex template above does not (and omits the solution). The files for these examples (questions and templates) can also be obtained as in the examples for the exams_skeleton() function.

  • Thanks. I will review the solution. – Rodrigo Saquicela Aug 28 '18 at 22:17
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    Thanks for the explanation, @Robert, I added some further pointers to the first exams vignette that explains the structure of the LaTeX templates. – Achim Zeileis Aug 28 '18 at 22:36

With exams2pdf() you can use your own template file to customize the appearance of your exam. See the answer by @Robert for details.

Additionally, you might be interested in using exams2nops() which provides a standardized format, mainly for single-choice and multiple-choice exercises, that can be automatically scanned and evaluated. This also allows for a few customization options that might be useful in your case. See http://www.R-exams.org/tutorials/exams2nops/ for a tutorial with further details. For a quick impression, consider the example:

  language = "es", points = 0.5, showpoints = TRUE,
  intro = "Responder las siguientes preguntas.")

exams2nops, page 1 exams2nops, page 3

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