When I submit a query using a HUE search dashboard I retrieve different snippets with different highlighted passages or strings. The problem comes since these snippets are not properly separated and it is difficult to recognize when one is finishing and the other one is starting.

I have tried to add different parameters to the request handlers in the solrconfig.xml file, but it is not working (hl.method=unified, hl.bs.type=LINE and hl.tag.ellipsis=STRING). Also the parsed content of my xml documents are not keeping its format in the HUE dashboard (paragraphs and line breaks). Maybe this is related.

I am using CDH 5.7.0 with HUE 3.9.0 and SOLR 4.10.3

Thank you all in advance!

  • Would you have a screenshot? – Romain Sep 3 '18 at 23:50

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