I have created userpool and trying to migrate user from RDS which invokes lambda function that returns the updated event object. but its not working for me.

I have followed as provided solution by removing below 2 fields, still not working .. :(

"desiredDeliveryMediums": "EMAIL",
 "forceAliasCreation": "false"

Here is the response object that am sending from lambda. still facing same issue - Exception during user migration

Please let me know what am missing here. Thanks in advance

def lambda_handler(event, context):
     print event
     event["response"] = {
             "userAttributes": {
                 "email": event["userName"],
                 "email_verified": "true",
             "finalUserStatus": "CONFIRMED",
             "messageAction": "SUPPRESS",
             "desiredDeliveryMediums": "EMAIL",
             "forceAliasCreation": "false"
     print event

     return event

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I was having this problem, and I overcame it by increasing the memory allocated to the lambda from the default 128MB to 1024MB. I am using cdk to deploy, so I did this in the lamdba creation:

const nodeUserMigration = new NodejsFunction(this, 'myLambdaName', {
      entry: path.join(
      runtime: Runtime.NODEJS_18_X,
      timeout: Duration.minutes(5),
      memorySize: 1024, // This is what I added to overcome the `UserNotFoundException: Exception migrating user in app client (redactedClientId)`
      environment: {
        // redacted environment variables

Instead of

return event

You need


It is probably possible to use return event directly; however, there would be other properties required to get Cognito to recognize it (things such as isBase64Encoded) and I don't know what they might be. Neither does Amazon have any documentation on them.

Oh, and desiredDeliveryMediums should be an array of strings.

  • context.succeed is deprecated (as of 2023 anyway) Feb 22, 2023 at 0:57

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