I'm trying to get nexe working with a node program that uses sqlite3. When I try I get this at runtime:

package.json must declare these properties:

and I've read everything I can on the web - I've found plenty of articles that say node-pre-gyp is not supported, some that say you've gotta create some mysterious .node file, in fact many use sqlite3 as an example - but nothing that gives me the slightest clue as to how to actually get it working.

I tried installing sqlite with --build-from-source, which was an ordeal all by itself, but that did nothing. Can anyone explain exactly how to get nexe working with sqlite3.


I didn't really get an answer to this question - but for anyone interested - pkg just worked for me - so I went and used that instead.

As for the .node files - that appears to be an output from node-pre-gyp - and just lives in your node_modules directory - so you can ferret around in there and find it.

but anyway - my fix to this was to use pkg.

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