I am updating the Notes on a Bill via some custom code in a graph extension. My problem is that the window that pops open when you click on the Notes icon in the upper-right corner of the screen does not reflect the changes that I made to the notes in code. If I use the < > buttons to scroll to another Bill and then back to the one that I updated, it shows the changes. So, I'm not sure how to get the notes to refresh.

This is on the AP301000 screen. I have tried Base.Document.View.RequestRefresh(), Base.Document.View.Clear() and calling the Base.Actions.PressSave() after my code changes the note for the Bill.


Here's Code:

protected void APTran_RowInserted(PXCache cache, PXRowInsertedEventArgs e)

        var row = (APTran)e.Row;
        if (row == null)

        //*********************** copy notes and file attachments from PO lines and header to the Bill **********************************
        if ((row.PONbr != null) && (row.POLineNbr != null))
            POOrderEntry poEntry = (POOrderEntry)PXGraph.CreateInstance(typeof(POOrderEntry));
            POOrder poHeader = poEntry.Document.Search<POOrder.orderNbr>(row.PONbr);
            poEntry.Document.Current = poHeader;
            POLine poLine = poEntry.Transactions.Search<POLine.lineNbr>(row.POLineNbr);

            if (poLine != null)
                PXNoteAttribute.CopyNoteAndFiles(poEntry.Caches[typeof(POLine)], poLine, cache, row); //// - use this for Notes and Files.

                // making of copy of what the note is on the APInvoice at this point because the PXNoteAttribute.CopyNoteAndFiles() below
                // will replace what is in the notes with what is in the PO instead of appending.
                string oldNote = PXNoteAttribute.GetNote(Base.Caches[typeof(APInvoice)], Base.CurrentDocument.Current);

                PXNoteAttribute.CopyNoteAndFiles(poEntry.Caches[typeof(POOrder)], poHeader, Base.Caches[typeof(APInvoice)], Base.CurrentDocument.Current);
                PXNoteAttribute.SetNote(Base.Caches[typeof(APInvoice)], Base.CurrentDocument.Current, oldNote);


                string poNote = PXNoteAttribute.GetNote(poEntry.Caches[typeof(POOrder)], poHeader);
                if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(poNote))
                    //string oldNote = PXNoteAttribute.GetNote(Base.Caches[typeof(APInvoice)], Base.CurrentDocument.Current);
                    if ((oldNote == null) || !oldNote.Contains(poNote))
                        string newNote = "";

                        if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(oldNote))
                            newNote = poNote;
                            newNote = oldNote + Environment.NewLine + poNote;
                        //These 2 lines will not update the note without the PressSave();
                        //Guid noteGuid = (Guid)PXNoteAttribute.GetNoteID(Base.Caches[typeof(APInvoice)], Base.CurrentDocument.Current, null);
                        //PXNoteAttribute.UpdateNoteRecord(Base.Caches[typeof(APInvoice)], noteGuid, newNote);

                        PXNoteAttribute.SetNote(Base.Caches[typeof(APInvoice)], Base.Document.Current, newNote);  // Sets the note but, screen does not refresh.

                        //Base.Caches[typeof(APInvoice)].Update(Base.Document.Current); //Does not refresh Notes on screen.

                        //PXNoteAttribute.GetNoteID<APInvoice.noteID>(Base.Caches[typeof(APInvoice)], Base.Document.Current);  // Does not update the screen.

                        //Base.Caches[typeof(Note)].IsDirty = true;  /// No Effect.

                        //Base.Caches[typeof(Note)].Clear();  //this has no effect on refreshing the notes that are seen on the screen.

                        //Base.Actions.PressSave();  // blanks out the header if the Bill has never been saved. Does not refresh note on screen.
                        //Base.Document.View.RequestRefresh();  // this wipes out the new note if adding a second PO.



  • Can you add the code you use to modify the note in your question? – HB_ACUMATICA Aug 29 at 14:43
  • code added. sorry... – MikeNIke Aug 29 at 15:06
  • Try to force cache invalidation, this SO answer might help you in doing so: stackoverflow.com/questions/46058668/… – HB_ACUMATICA Aug 31 at 15:51
  • Clearing the cache of Note/NoteDoc might help too since it won't be able to re-fetch the stale value from empty cache: Caches[typeof(Note)].Clear(); Caches[typeof(NoteDoc)].Clear(); – HB_ACUMATICA Aug 31 at 16:00
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I gave them a shot plus a couple of other ideas but, I'm still not able to get the notes to update on the screen. I went back to using the SetNote() because of issues with the way I had it coded initially. I updated the code above to show what I've got at this point. – MikeNIke Sep 14 at 16:14
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Here's the fix for this that I deployed. I'm thinking that there is a better way to do this but, seems to be working ok for now. I added this:

    public void Persist(Action persist)

        APInvoice invoice = (APInvoice)Base.CurrentDocument.SelectSingle();
        if (invoice.Status == "H")
            throw new PXRedirectRequiredException(Base, "Reloading Notes...");

So, I overrode the Persist() in order to refresh the page but, I only do that if the Bill is still on Hold. This refreshes the Notes that are shown on the screen.

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