I have a deployed heroku app, https://myapp.herokuapp.com/, to which I want to link my custom domain, myapp.com, from namecheap. So I did the following:

  1. Add myapp.com as a domain in heroku settings.

  2. Add a CNAME record for my deployed heroku app in namecheap:

Type: CNAME Record, Host: @, Value: myapp.herokuapp.com., TTL: 1 min

At this point, my app worked at myapp.com. The problem is, the connection was not secure - the app ran at http://myapp.com/. I noticed that you need a paid heroku account to use their SSL services, so I upgraded my account to Hobby. I then configured the SSL to "automatic", and refreshed domain status. Heroku thereby changed to

Your app can be found at https://myapp.com

The problem is, when I click on the link heroku gave me, chrome redirects me to a warning page, saying my connection is not secure enter image description here

and that the heroku ssl certificate is invalid. Why does this happen? Is it a problem with heroku or with my namecheap domain?

My full namecheap DNS records for reference:

Type: CNAME Record, Host: @, Value: myapp.herokuapp.com., TTL: 1 min

Type: CNAME Record, Host: www, Value: myapp.herokuapp.com., TTL: 1 min

Type: URL Redirect Record, Host: @, Value: https://www.myapp.com., unmasked

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