I'm using PagerSnapHelper in a horizontal RecyclerView to achieve a view pager like behaviour.

final PagerSnapHelper pagerSnapHelper = new PagerSnapHelper(); pagerSnapHelper.attachToRecyclerView(recyclerView);

It works great, but I want to be able to get callbacks for when the user changes the page in either direction. So something like, onSwipeLeft / onSwipeRight callbacks.

I tried using findTargetSnapPosition in PagerSnapHelper, but that only gives me the targetIndex and not the current index. I tried something like this, but it doesn't really work all the time.

public int findTargetSnapPosition(RecyclerView.LayoutManager layoutManager, int velocityX, int velocityY) {
    final int targetPos = super.findTargetSnapPosition(layoutManager, velocityX, velocityY);

    final View currentView = findSnapView(layoutManager);
    final int currentPos = layoutManager.getPosition(currentView);

    if (currentPos < targetPos) {
    } else if (currentPos > targetPos) {

    return targetPos;

Is there a better way to achieve this which always works? Thanks!


Update 2
!! Important note !!
If you programmatically call scrollTo() and use the SnapPagerScrollListener with ON_SETTLED, onScrollStateChanged won't get called. So the old snap position does not get updated. WIP, will update the class as soon as I fix it.


The original class had some issues with notifying on first layout. Now it fires only the first time the item position changes from RecyclerView.NO_POSITION to something else.

To further extend to ignore/fire only on user gestures, so non programmatic calls to scrollTo(), note that onScrolled() gets triggered with dx == 0 and dy == 0 in case of a programmatic call.

public class SnapPagerScrollListener extends RecyclerView.OnScrollListener {

    // Constants
    public static final int ON_SCROLL = 0;
    public static final int ON_SETTLED = 1;

    public @interface Type {

    public interface OnChangeListener {
        void onSnapped(int position);

    // Properties
    private final PagerSnapHelper snapHelper;
    private final int type;
    private final boolean notifyOnInit;
    private final OnChangeListener listener;
    private int snapPosition;

    // Constructor
    public SnapPagerScrollListener(PagerSnapHelper snapHelper, @Type int type, boolean notifyOnInit, OnChangeListener listener) {
        this.snapHelper = snapHelper;
        this.type = type;
        this.notifyOnInit = notifyOnInit;
        this.listener = listener;
        this.snapPosition = RecyclerView.NO_POSITION;

    // Methods
    public void onScrolled(@NonNull RecyclerView recyclerView, int dx, int dy) {
        super.onScrolled(recyclerView, dx, dy);
        if ((type == ON_SCROLL) || !hasItemPosition()) {

    public void onScrollStateChanged(@NonNull RecyclerView recyclerView, int newState) {
        super.onScrollStateChanged(recyclerView, newState);
        if (type == ON_SETTLED && newState == RecyclerView.SCROLL_STATE_IDLE) {

    private int getSnapPosition(RecyclerView recyclerView) {
        RecyclerView.LayoutManager layoutManager = recyclerView.getLayoutManager();
        if (layoutManager == null) {
            return RecyclerView.NO_POSITION;

        View snapView = snapHelper.findSnapView(layoutManager);
        if (snapView == null) {
            return RecyclerView.NO_POSITION;

        return layoutManager.getPosition(snapView);

    private void notifyListenerIfNeeded(int newSnapPosition) {
        if (snapPosition != newSnapPosition) {
            if (notifyOnInit && !hasItemPosition()) {
            } else if (hasItemPosition()) {

            snapPosition = newSnapPosition;

    private boolean hasItemPosition() {
        return snapPosition != RecyclerView.NO_POSITION;

Just add an instance of SnapPagerScrollListener to your RecyclerView

your_recycler_view.addOnScrollListener(new SnapPagerScrollListener(your_snap_helper, SnapPagerScrollListener.ON_SCROLL/ON_SETTLED, true/false, your_on_changed_listener));

The Type property is for defining when the callbacks should be triggered.

  1. ON_SCROLL: for notifiying the callback as soon as as the new View/Page passes the middle
  2. ON_SETTLED: for notifying the callback after the RecyclerViews state is SCROLL_STATE_IDLE. I use the mode for only firing API calls when the scroll has settled.
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