I've got a project using GitBook: https://github.com/akauppi/plantuml-book

It generates images from PlantUML source. For some reason, those images don't get copied to the GitBook's _book folder, and therefore don't make it into the book.


GitBook would notice the image references, e.g.


..and copy such image files to the right location (in this case `_book/chapter1/hello.svg).


$ tree _book/chapter1/
└── DIAGRAMS.html

No images there. :(

Note: I did not make this a GitBook issue, since that project seems pretty dead (link).


The problem was that my .gitignore included the generated *.svg and *.png files, and GitBook automatically ignores everything in .gitignore.

The solution: these lines in .bookignore:

# Bring in the generated files (having them in .gitignore would otherwise leave them out)

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