I am using Laravel Voyager admin panel.

I have a 'products' table where PRODUCT has parent SUBCATEGORY and CATEGORY. I have also made these relationships: 'product-subcategory' and 'product-category'.

So, when I want to add new product, I can choose CATEGORY and SUBCATEGORY from dropdown.

choosing categories

The problem is, SUBCATEGORY dropdown shows all of the subcategories:

enter image description here

I want see the SUBCATEGORIES only from the CATEGORY I choose. (like we get the column names of specified MODEL(for referencing) when we create relationships in voyager)

The reason I want this is to prevent adding product under wrong Category and Subcategory.

Is there a way to achive this? Should I use some JSON in the 'Optional Details' field?

  • How do you get the subcategories in the controller ? – Maraboc Aug 30 '18 at 10:15
  • @Maraboc, Snapshots are taken from Voyager admin panel. I made relationships for Category and Subcategory and set Category and Subcategory names to show in the Voyager BREAD and reference id to store in the table. So, When I add product, the BREAD shows Category and Subcategory Names instead of their id. Didn't have to make any controller for that. – user33192 Aug 30 '18 at 14:59

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