I have Json file which has all the input for the form. In the controller, I am calling that Json and looping through all the objects. If the type value is other than text(i.e button) I will call the custom templates.

Here is my json file


                "name": "Address",
                "name": "submit",

Module config

        name: 'submit',
        template:`<kendo-button  class="k-primary float-left " ng-click="get()">{{options.templateOptions.label}}</kendo-button>`


mba.controller('MainCtrl', ['$scope', '$http','$location', function ($scope, 
$http,$location) {
        alert("button clicked");
 function genScreen(screen){           
        screen.controls.forEach(control => {
        else if(control.type=="textarea") 
        //className: 'mat-form-field',
        key: control.name,
        type: type,
        templateOptions: {
            label: control.label,
            placeholder: control.label

Here the custom template button click is not working. How can I make it work?

  • Please create a jsfiddle.net or code snippet to reproduce the problem. Because we couldn't get where vm get initialized and context. – Santhosh V Aug 30 at 14:23

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