I want to make a list of the most viewed posts in the last month. I found almost zero info about this.

Is it possible? Can it be done using Google Analytics or something?


I don't think this can be done with the built-in toolset of Ghost. Since I have found almost zero info about this like you, I decided to create my own implementation.

First, you have to integrate GA tracking to your site. Here's more info on how to do that: https://help.ghost.org/article/16-google-analytics

I created a custom Ghost helper to download Google Analytics metrics. Please note that setting up a custom helper is unfortunately not very well documented and definitely not supported.

Here's the Github repository with the source code: https://github.com/conwid/GhostHelpers

Check out the project's wiki.

I have also written a couple of blog posts about this that could give you more info:

And finally you can check out the end results of using the helper on my blog: https://dotnetfalcon.com/greatest-hits/

(Sorry for the shameless self-marketing, but as I said, I found almost zero info about this also everywhere else).

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