How come when i want to replace a value I have to use this block of code:


why cant I use this:


I've seen others use method two before without passing a string method. My question is can i pass a series method using replace function and what is the line of code?


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pd.Series.replace is different to pd.Series.str.replace:

Here's a minimal example demonstrating the difference:

df = pd.DataFrame({'A': ['foo', 'fuz', np.nan]})

df['B'] = df['A'].replace(['foo', 'fuz'], ['food', 'fuzzy'])
df['C'] = df['A'].str.replace('f.', 'ba', regex=True)


     A      B    C
0  foo   food  bao
1  fuz  fuzzy  baz
2  NaN    NaN  NaN

str.replace by default does a regex based replacement which also works with partial matches. replace, OTOH, will only perform replacements based on full matches by default unless the regex flag is set to true.

data['Organization'] = (
    data['Organization'].replace({'Greece': 'Rome'}, regex=True))

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