I'm trying to set up a slack interactive message based workflow that requires two parties to privately agree to a thing, and then that thing is announced in the channel they're in.

Ideally, I'd like it to flow like:

  1. User A performs a slash command with User B's name and a message
  2. My app sends an ephemeral message back in response to the slash command with interactive buttons to confirm
  3. User A receives the interactive confirmation and confirms. This creates a post on a new endpoint for my app. I wish it would send the original message with it.
  4. My app responds to the confirmation, which replaces that ephemeral message.
  5. My app sends a new ephemeral post to the User B, asking for confirmation. Again, this would need to have the original message to be ideal.
  6. User B confirms, which causes a post to my app again (wishfully, with the message still being passed around)
  7. Finally, the app would post the agreed upon thing to the channel.

I'd like to start by doing this without storing state on my app side, but that doesn't appear to be possible using ephemeral messages? Is there any way someone more experienced with slack could think of to do this without storing state on my side? Or if I want all this interaction to happen in channel, am I going to have to store some kind of key or cookie to reference on my side?

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