I am trying to figure out a way to launch Mitmproxy from a python script (which I have done) and save any traffic to a dump file (which i need help with).

By googling, looking at mitmproxy git issues and reading example code, this is what I have so far:

from mitmproxy import proxy, options
from mitmproxy.tools.dump import DumpMaster
from mitmproxy.addons import core

class AddHeader:
    def __init__(self):
        self.num = 0

    def response(self, flow):
        self.num = self.num + 1
        flow.response.headers["count"] = str(self.num)

addons = [

opts = options.Options(listen_host='', listen_port=8080)
pconf = proxy.config.ProxyConfig(opts)

m = DumpMaster(None)
m.server = proxy.server.ProxyServer(pconf)
# print(m.addons)
# m.addons.add(core.Core())

except KeyboardInterrupt:

Issue is, this creates an error AttributeError: No such option: body_size_limit which seems to be mitigated with master.addons.add(core.Core) but this core addon already exists in DumpMaster so that fires a different error.

Inspecting the addons that are currently loaded by DumpMaster i do see the save to file addon is loaded, but I am not clear how to access that so that any traffic that is going through the proxy, regardless if it is request, response, ws or tcp can be written to a dump file


Here is a redacted list of the addons that are loaded

  • mitmproxy.addons.streambodies.StreamBodies object at 0x111542da0>
  • mitmproxy.addons.save.Save object at 0x111542dd8>
  • mitmproxy.addons.upstream_auth.UpstreamAuth object at 0x111542e10>

just add those 2 lines after opts = options.Options(listen_host='', listen_port=8080)

opts.add_option("body_size_limit", int, 0, "")
opts.add_option("keep_host_header", bool, True, "")

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