We have created AWS EC2 instance on Asia it Pacific(Mumbai) Zone on Shared Hardware rental type.We are trying to start an instance after shut it down we are getting popup ec2 error starting instances insufficient capacity message on screen.On white papers it is mention like this,Try to launch new ec2 instance but as we have in basic plan it is now allowing to create new instance on another zone.

How to resolve this issue.

  • Please edit your question and include the exact error message. Are you using LightSail? What do you mean by "basic plan"? – John Rotenstein Sep 1 '18 at 2:35

According to the documentation, getting an InsufficientInstanceCapacity error when launching or restarting an instance means that Amazon does not have enough capacity to serve your request. There are a few options:

  • Waiting for a while and trying again
  • Launching an instance without specifying an availability zone
  • Changing the instance type

You can read more here.

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