I have a NativeScript project, and an Angular project. I am creating a hybrid app. I use a WebView and put all of my bundled files from my Angular project into a folder in my NativeScript project.

When building the Angular project, I rewrite the base href dynamically like this

<script>document.write('<base href="' + document.location + '" />');</script>

Here's how I load the bundles files.

let webview: WebView = this.webViewRef.nativeElement;
oWebViewInterface = new webViewInterfaceModule.WebViewInterface(

This works great! But when I use --bundle and add Webpack to the mix, my base href stops working and I get a FILE NOT FOUND error in my console.

Where is the new path located?


Since you're using Webpack to bundle the app, and Webpack ignores anything it thinks is irrelevant, you have to tell it your www sources are not irrelevant at all.

Open webpack.config.js and look for CopyWebpackPlugin. It may already contain rules like {from: "fonts/**"}, so in your case add {from: "www/**"} and you should be fine.

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