I am connecting to mosquitto using paho js client. It connects ok. But the onConnect event is firing non stop. I was checking the logs in broker, and it looks that it just connects once. Why is this happening? I just used the code which apears on oficial web:

      <title>JavaScript MQTT WebSocket Example</title>
      <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/paho- mqtt/1.0.1/mqttws31.js" type="text/javascript">
     <script type = "text/javascript" language = "javascript">
           var host = "";
        var port = 1884;
        // Create a client instance
         client = new Paho.MQTT.Client(host, port, "abcd");

     // set callback handlers
client.onConnectionLost = onConnectionLost;
client.onMessageArrived = onMessageArrived;

// connect the client

// called when the client connects
function onConnect() {
  // Once a connection has been made, make a subscription and send a message.
  message = new Paho.MQTT.Message("Hello");
  message.destinationName = "World";

// called when the client loses its connection
function onConnectionLost(responseObject) {
  if (responseObject.errorCode !== 0) {

// called when a message arrives
function onMessageArrived(message) {

   <h1>Main Body</h1>
  • How many users do you have? – hardillb Aug 31 '18 at 22:57
  • just one. I am testing the websocket connection on mosquitto – Mykolas Sep 1 '18 at 9:46
  • I sow on github, there were other people having the same issue with mosquito 1.5. But I didn't find any solution for it – Mykolas Sep 1 '18 at 9:50
  • A quick look at some of the issue implies this might be fixed at Mosquitto 1.5.1 If not downgrading to 1.4.15 is probably the way forward. – hardillb Sep 1 '18 at 10:00

I generally notice this when my client ID, here "abcd", has already been connected. For deploying on multiple devices I made this a UUID.

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