I'm looking for a way to make the whole application behind a drawer get blurred, not just an activity, but anywhere you open the drawer.

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    Hi, welcome. As in the case of many programming things, there might be many ways to achieve the same thing, depending in the context. That being said, please show us what you have tried to do to solve the issue. At minimal, show us the code that you have tried to do. – Syakur Rahman Sep 1 '18 at 1:54

Here is a little hack that requires editing the flutter source files (in Android Studio, press CTRL + B while Drawer is selected to go to its source file):

In drawer.dart, add a new import:

import 'dart:ui' show ImageFilter;

And replace code near line 400:

child: new Container(
  color: _color.evaluate(_controller),


child: new BackdropFilter(
  filter: new ImageFilter.blur(sigmaX: 10.0 * _controller.value, sigmaY: 10.0 * _controller.value),
  child: Container(color: Color(0x01000000)),

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