Let's say i want to search a repo for

def fc

When i type that in, I get hits for "def" and hits for "fc" and I have no idea what order they're in.

If I search for

"def fc"

then it gets a little better, I get hits where i have "def" and then a space, or brackets, or other non-words, and then "fc". This still isn't what I want though - I just want "def" and then a space and then "fc".

It gets worse if I try to search for html - searching for


only yields the word input, which can get quite heavy, and this gets worse if I search for

"<input type="text"" 

because now i have no idea how the " works. I looked at the imposing github search help page, https://help.github.com/articles/searching-code/ but to no avail.

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