I am trying to create custom signal in java-gnome in my GTK+3 application but I can't.

import org.gnome.gtk.CheckButton;

public class MyCheckButton extends CheckButton {

    // how can I add a cutom signal for this class
    // fos example: the signal that has "my-signal" name.

How can I do it?

I can do it in python

class MyCheckButton(Gtk.CheckButton):
    __gsignals__ = {
        'my_signal': (GObject.SIGNAL_RUN_FIRST, None,
abc = MyCheckButton()
abc.connect("my-signal", print)
abc.emit("my-signal", 543)

I've searched on the internet but I couldn't find anything.


  • Please edit your question to include a MCVE with the problem you have, explaining where you want to add a custom signal. – Progman Sep 2 '18 at 8:01
  • @Progman, I edited my question you can examine again. – Nomad Sep 2 '18 at 8:50
  • I guess that must be implemented Button.Clicked, that is described in java-gnome.sourceforge.net/doc/api/4.1/org/gnome/gtk/… – Mihai8 Sep 9 '18 at 14:57

I think there is no similar way in Java (based on the fact that there is no similar structure in the source code).

But you can implement your own handler by:

  • Define the handler interface (#1)
  • Add a connect method (#2, #3)
  • Add an emit method (#4)

Sample code:

public class MyCheckButton extends CheckButton {

    // ...

    private MySignalHandler handler; // #2

    public interface MySignalHandler {  // #1
        public void onMySignal(int value);

    public void connect(MySignalHandler handler) {  // #3
        this.handler = handler;

    public void emitMySignal(int value) {  // #4
        if (handler == null) return;


And then you can connect and emit in the same way as the other events.

MyCheckButton a = new MyCheckButton();

a.connect(new MyCheckButton.MySignalHandler() {
  public void onMySignal(int value) {


The built-in Button uses something similar to define the click event by adding the connect(Clicked handler) and emitClicked() (source code)

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