I am trying to get the screen size for a project I am working on to create a window. I am using wxPython. Here is the code

import wx
app = wx.App(False)
width, height = wx.GetDisplaySize()
print(width, type(width))
print(height, type(height))

When I run the code in a scrap program I use for testing it works fine but when I add it to my main program it seems to get stuck indenwitently on the line app = wx.app(False) and I am not sure why. Not sure what other code to post but if anyone can help that would be grand.

  • It's difficult to tell without seeing the code that is actually failing. – Rolf of Saxony Sep 2 at 8:31
  • @RolfofSaxony thats exactly my issue. That is the code. I copy it from one program to other. Works in first fails in second. Event when I only call that function and not the rest of the program. The only thing that changed is that the main program takes in arguments using argparse – C.Radford Sep 2 at 14:38
  • Context! You aren't showing us the context. Instead, you have isolated that piece of code. – Rolf of Saxony Sep 3 at 8:52

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