I have a doubt with Apache Spark using Java coding. I have a sample file in plain text composed by pairs separated by Tab char. Something like this:

** example.txt
1   5
2   7
5   4

and I was reading some books on the internet and they suggest this code to create a pairedRDD using the first column of the line as the key, and the second column as the value. So they use the Tuple2 (from scala).

But I can't understand why all the examples I see, create the tuple, initializing the object with the value as the whole line. Because the key is only the [0] of the x.split()[0] function. and the value seems to be the whole line.

Is this correct? or should I replace it by x.split()[1] (for the value)?

The code below is what I found in many example sources on the web.

PairFunction<String, String, String> keyData =   new PairFunction<String, String, String>() {

    public Tuple2<String, String> call(String x) {

    return new Tuple2(x.split(” “)[0], x);


It's only an example. You can return x[1] or x. I do not know the exact context, but I have seen this style of example here in the past as far as I can remember.

So, your choice, no right or wrong. For me, I would assume the x[1], but equally the x[0] can be seen as the key to a line.

The lesson here is: you can do both. From there on you can reduce(ByKey) or groupByKey, for example. That's what a a PairedRDD can do.

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