I have a C++ preprocessor written like this:

  #ifdef cpp_variable

Can anyone tell me how to define this in Makefile.


This is compiler specific.

GCC uses -Dcpp_variable=VALUE or just -Dcpp_variable

Microsoft's compilers use /D


Search your compiler documentation to find how to do that.

For example for g++ the syntax is :

g++ -Dcpp_variable <other stuff>

Which corresponds to adding

CPPFLAGS += -Dcpp_variable

in your makefile.

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    Technically, because you can do it from the commandline, it can be done from the makefile -- just put the relevant command in the makefile. (pedantry aside, this comment may not have actually been correct when this answer was written) – Fund Monica's Lawsuit May 9 '16 at 12:47

Add to Makefile:

CPPFLAGS = -Dcpp_variable

The syntax is compiler specific, for gcc use the -D option like so: -Dcpp_variable.


Take a variable in Makefile and whatever you need to define in it just add -DXXX. Where XXX in you case is cpp_variable.

For example


g++ -c $(COMPILE_OPTS) $<

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