Does anyone successfully configured Fabric-CA (1.2.0-stable) server with openldap server?

I am seeing this error in the logs:

2018/09/03 01:34:01 [DEBUG] Creating new LDAP client for { Enabled:true URL:ldap://****:****@openldap/dc=example,dc=com UserFilter:(uid=%s) GroupFilter:(memberUid=%s) Attribute:{[uid member][{ }] map[groups:[{ }]]} TLS:{false [] { }}  }
2018/09/03 01:34:01 [DEBUG] Initialized LDAP identity registry; err=Invalid expression for attribute '': Unexpected end of expression
2018/09/03 01:34:01 [WARNING] Failed to initialize LDAP client; err=Invalid expression for attribute '': Unexpected end of expression
2018/09/03 01:34:01 [ERROR] Error occurred initializing database: Invalid expression for attribute '': Unexpected end of expression

This is the command which I am using to start openldap:

docker run -h openldap -p 389:389 --name openldap --network=fabric-n --volume /home/xxxx/fabric-ca/data:/etc/hyperledger --env LDAP_ORGANISATION="Hyperledger" --env LDAP_DOMAIN="example.com"  --env LDAP_ADMIN_PASSWORD="adminpw" --detach osixia/openldap:1.2.1 

This is the command that run fabricca:

docker run -h fabric-ca -p 7054:7054 --name fabric-ca --network=fabric-n --volume /home/xxxx/fabric-ca/data:/etc/hyperledger --env FABRIC_CA_SERVER_HOME="/etc/hyperledger/fabric-ca-server" --env FABRIC_CA_CLIENT_HOME="/etc/hyperledger/fabric-ca-client" --env FABRIC_CA_SERVER_CA_NAME="hfca" --detach hyperledger/fabric-ca:amd64-1.2.0  

I created a docker overlay network which can connect to openldap container


  # Enables or disables the LDAP client (default: false)
  # If this is set to true, the "registry" section is ignored.
enabled: true
  # The URL of the LDAP server
url: ldap://cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com:adminpw@openldap/dc=example,dc=com

This error is most probably caused because of missing converters properties set below in fabric-ca-server-config.yaml file. By default, in ldap section there are converters which are empty:

         - name:

And when ldap is enabled, it cannot be properly parsed, so error is raised. Please put any values there, so something like:

         - name: hf.Revoker
           value: attr("uid") =~ "revoker*"
  • it works! thanks – Paul A Sep 5 '18 at 0:37

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