I've got a problem with my prestashop v1.7.2

I want to set the unit selling price with 4 decimals. In prestashop I can set this configuration but all my price are affected. I just want the unit selling price...

I try to modify my product controllers to change number format but prestashop has the last word.

Any ideas?


You need change it from /translations/cldr/.

Edit the file main--xx-XX--numbers, where xx-XX is the language you want to change, this mean, if you have more than one language, you need do this change for each one.

Locate a code like this "accounting":"\u00a4#,##0.00;(\u00a4#,##0.00)","standard":"\u00a4#,##0.00", note, this is for en-US, so, depending on the language could change a little bit, but the "standard" will always be immediately after the "accounting"

And now just add the 4 digits, like this "accounting":"\u00a4#,##0.0000;(\u00a4#,##0.0000)","standard":"\u00a4#,##0.0000"

NOTE: After the change you need clear all the cache, including the browser cache.

  • Thank's @Rolige but I already do this. This modification affect all of my prices. I just want to do that on my unit selling price. I don't know if it possible.. – Valentin Bregeon Sep 4 '18 at 8:21
  • This change is visible of course, if you only want the estimates to be made based on 4 digits but does NOT affect the visualization, you can change the Number of decimals in the: BO > Shop Parameters > General – Rolige Sep 4 '18 at 18:12

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