I'm attempting to select a local time (as at Australia/Brisbane) from a timestamptz field in a PostgreSQL database and noticed that when I use the +10 time zone abbreviation, PostgreSQL appears to subtract 10 hours from the UTC value instead of adding 10 hours.

If I use AEST as the abbreviation, 10 hours are correctly added.

When I run the following query I would expect both values returned to be the same.

  ('2018-01-01T00:00:00Z'::timestamp with time zone) at time zone 'AEST', 
  ('2018-01-01T00:00:00Z'::timestamp with time zone) at time zone '+10';

However, in my case I'm seeing the following results:

"2018-01-01 10:00:00"   | "2017-12-31 14:00:00"

If I run the following query, all rows have a "utc_offset" interval of 10:00:00.

select * from pg_timezone_names
where abbrev in ('+10', 'AEST')

Could anyone offer an explanation as to what is going on here?


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That is actually described in some detail in the documentation:

PostgreSQL allows you to specify time zones in three different forms:

  • A full time zone name, for example America/New_York. [...]

  • A time zone abbreviation, for example PST. [...]

  • In addition to the timezone names and abbreviations, PostgreSQL will accept POSIX-style time zone specifications of the form STDoffset or STDoffsetDST, where STD is a zone abbreviation, offset is a numeric offset in hours west from UTC, and DST is an optional daylight-savings zone abbreviation, assumed to stand for one hour ahead of the given offset. [...]


Another issue to keep in mind is that in POSIX time zone names, positive offsets are used for locations west of Greenwich. Everywhere else, PostgreSQL follows the ISO-8601 convention that positive timezone offsets are east of Greenwich.

So the POSIX equivalent for AEST would be -10 or UTC-10.

  • Thanks Laurenz, after reading the documentation more closely this now makes sense. I had thought that since "+10" was in the "abbrev" field for a number of rows in the pg_timezone_names view that it would be taken from there. I missed the mention of the pg_timezone_abbrevs view and POSIX offsets being west of GMT.
    – Michael
    Sep 5, 2018 at 6:11

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