I found this simple function to return the 4 most common credit card types.

Being new to jQuery, what jQuery plugin can I use to display the credit card type as a user types in a credit card number in a input field?

 function creditCardTypeFromNumber(num) {
   // first, sanitize the number by removing all non-digit characters.
   num = num.replace(/[^\d]/g,'');
   // now test the number against some regexes to figure out the card type.
   if (num.match(/^5[1-5]\d{14}$/)) {
     return 'MasterCard';
   } else if (num.match(/^4\d{15}/) || num.match(/^4\d{12}/)) {
     return 'Visa';
   } else if (num.match(/^3[47]\d{13}/)) {
     return 'AmEx';
   } else if (num.match(/^6011\d{12}/)) {
     return 'Discover';
   return 'UNKNOWN';

Thank you!

$('#someTextBox').change(function() {

This will output into some element with id="someOutput" the result of the text box which fires when the user changes the text in the element id="someTextBox".

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    change() will not get fired until text input loses focus. Use keyup() instead for validation as you type – Hussein Mar 7 '11 at 2:58
  • I know is kinda old, but I was looking for something just like this. Just wanted to note, @Daniel A. White You need an extra ) at the end of line 2 ;) – stinkysGTI Nov 14 '14 at 18:32



Plugins by default may not have the card validation as you type. To have realtime validation, you can bind a simple keyup() on the input field so validation is done after each key stroke.


jQuery Credit Card Type Detector Plugin https://github.com/christianreed/Credit-Card-Type-Detector


Also, FYI, the answer on this thread (link) has some regex for other card types, as well as an awesome explanation of credit card numbers.

Here's a function that only fires after they entered at least 6 digits (the ones used to recognize card type):

   if($(this).val().length >= 6){
       cardType = creditCardTypeFromNumber($(this).val());

Use a free BIN API service like https://tripayments.com/bins/ . Submit the first 6 and it will give the "DetailCardProduct" which is VISA, Mastercard,etc

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