I want to write this bash loop for zsh

while true; do echo "print something"; read -p "pause"; done

This loop echos, then waits for the user to press enter. If I enter it as is, the read statement doesn't pause, causing zsh to infinitely echo "print something" without waiting for the user to press enter.


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In zsh:

read -s -k '?Press any key to continue.'

From man zshbuiltins:

  • -s Don't echo back characters if reading from the terminal.
  • -k Read only one character.
  • name?prompt Name is omitted, thus user input is stored in the REPLY variable (and we ignore it). The first argument contains a ?, thus the remainder of this word is used as a prompt on standard error when the shell is interactive.

To include a newline after the prompt:

read -s -k $'?Press any key to continue.\n'

$'' is explained under QUOTING in man zshmisc.

Finally, a pause function that takes an arbitrary prompt message in a script that does what the OP asks:

#!/usr/bin/env zsh

pause() read -s -k "?$*"$'\n'

while true; do
    echo "print something"
    pause "pause"

Since this is about the only search result I could find, and I found it helpful but still a bit confusing, here is another way of putting it: If all you want to do is echo a line of text and wait for the user to press enter ... read \?"I am waiting for you to press [Enter] before I continue."


It looks like -p does something different in zsh. You will probably need something like read some_variable\?pause.

  • Using _ doesn't work: zsh throws an error zsh: read-only variable: _ . Anything else works though. Thanks for the tip.
    – k107
    Mar 7, 2011 at 3:17

    echo "$*"; read -k1 -s

now we can call the function with any prompt text:

pause "paused! press any key to continue"
pause "you can write anything here :)"

If you want a way that works in both bash and zsh, and ensures I/O to/from the terminal:

# Prompt for a keypress to continue. Customise prompt with $*
function pause {
  >/dev/tty printf '%s' "${*:-Press any key to continue... }"
  [[ $ZSH_VERSION ]] && read -krs  # Use -u0 to read from STDIN
  [[ $BASH_VERSION ]] && </dev/tty read -rsn1
  printf '\n'
export_function pause

This works in zsh and bash:

printf >&2 '%s ' 'Press any key to continue ...'
read ans

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