I got some very odd behaviors when I execute a query which uses the fulltext index.

My database looks like this (only the important part for this issue):

table Catalogs 
     Id int primary key not null, ...

table Products 
    Id int primary key not null, 
    CatalogId int not null foreign key references Catalogs(Id), ...

table FulltextData 
    ProductId int not null, 
    Name nvarchar(100), 
    Description nvarchar(max), 
    Keywords nvarchar(max), 
    Timestamp timestamp not null,

    constraint PK_FulltextData primary key (ProductId)

A catalog contains several products (currently up to 500.000), which of course has several fields like name,description,price. The Products table is a big one (>40 mio entries).

I'm using the fulltext catalog and index to execute the prefix search on the product data. So I created the fulltext catalog on like this

create fulltext catalog ProductsFTC

and after that I created the fulltext index like this

create fulltext index on FulltextData(Name,Description,Keywords) 
key index PK_FulltextData on ProductsFTC 

After a catalog (with all the product data) has been imported into the database, I execute the incremental population with this statement:


After that I check with the following statement if the fulltext index is ready:


So far so good. And here comes the part which makes no sense to me.

When I execute a fulltext search on the new imported catalog (after the fulltext index has been updated), two queries will be generated:

The first query counts the number of products which contains a word with prefix book:

select count(*) 
from Products p 
inner join FulltextData f on p.Id = f.ProductId
where p.CatalogId = 4711 
  and contains((name, description, keywords), '"book*"')

I need to count the results because the user wants to see this information: products 50 to 100 of 41.000 (please don't ask why).

The second query returns only the 50 products which the user can check:

select Id, Name, Description, Keywords, Spn, Price
from Products p 
inner join FulltextData f on p.Id = f.ProductId
where CatalogId = 4711 
  and contains((name, description, keywords), '"book*"')
order by Spn 
    offset 50 rows fetch next 50 rows only

The first query (...count(*)...) is the query which doesn't stop executing. At first, I was thinking ok maybe the fulltext index has too many records. But when I change the first query just a little bit (instead of CatalogId=4711 I then use CatalogId in (42,4711)), I get instant results!

A search only within catalog 4711 won't stop executing.

A search with catalog 4711 and 42 is perfectly fine and give me instant results.

And when I only search within the 42 catalog I also get an instant result (=0).

So the size of the fulltext index is not the problem, otherwise, I wouldn't get any results when I execute the search within two catalogs.

What am I missing? Any help would be great!

I'm using SQL Server 2016 (13.0.4001.0), but the database needs to be compatible with SQL Server 2014.

  • Little update: My colleague find out that the database was in compatibility mode to SQL Server 2008. When we changed that to SQL Server 2014, it's working as expected! No strange behaviors anymore. So the issue is fixed! Sorry if I wasted your time. – Marek Cwolek Sep 4 '18 at 8:48

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