Im my model, one of my filed are ArrayField. How can I use this field in serializer class.

class MyModel(models.Model):
    arr = ArrayField(models.CharField())

class MySerializer(ModelSerializer):
    class Meta:
        model = MyModel
        fields = ('arr')

use ListField with child argument

class MySerializer(ModelSerializer):
    arr = serializers.ListField(child=serializers.CharField())

    class Meta:
        model = MyModel
        fields = ('arr',)
  • thanks for answering. but how can I pass data to arr field? Is it correct? "1,3,4,5,54,2,5,75,7,5,34,4,22,45,5,45,54,4,3,4,5,4,4,34,4,5,5,5" Sep 4 '18 at 5:18
  • I think, yes. Because It's also a list of string
    – JPG
    Sep 4 '18 at 5:25
  • In recent versions of DRF, you can lose child=serializers.CharField(), otherwise it will throw an AssertionError.
    – Qumber
    Aug 14 '20 at 9:57

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