When I am using the snippet of code below I have been told to use the controls.update(); command, but I get an error

Uncaught TypeError: controls.update is not a function at animate

I looked through PointerLockControls.js and OrbitControls.js and I noticed that Orbit has an update() function and Pointer does not, last I checked having the controls update every frame was important, how am I to get around this issue?

var dt = 1/60;
function animate() {
  if(controls.enabled) {

    //update ball positions
    for(var i=0; i<balls.length; i++) {

    //update box positions
    for(var i=0; i<boxes.length; i++) {

  renderer.render(scene, camera);
  time = Date.now();

I have been told to use the controls.update() command,

Interesting, who told you that^^? PointerLockControls does not have an update method because it just performs simple event handling. Although OrbitControls has an update method, you only have to call it if damping or auto-rotation is enabled. Why? Because when one of these option is active, it needs to update the camera even if not events like mousemove or touchmove were fired.


can you not use orbitcontrols and pointerlockcontrols together? then it will take update from orbit since pointerlock does not have it.

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