We have many computers connected to a AD. The computers names is auto generated. When I want to log in using a local account, I have to figure out what the computer's name is, and log in using the following syntax:


Now I'm wondering if there is an alias that I can use instead?

So instead of logging in using NB-aw35sdds\local_account, I can use something like localhost\local_account.


Yes, I agree: they completely broke the login screen with Windows Vista. Unfortunately, Windows 7 didn't come to the rescue with a "classic logon" option like it did for most things broken in Vista.

As you imagined, though, there is a simple workaround. Instead of typing your computer name, you can use the following alias:


So, you can simply type the following to log on to the local workstation:

  • Works like a charm, many thanks! – Mikael Mar 8 '11 at 6:48

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