I'm using node.js and puppeteer to get some data. Some of the files I'm opening are quite large ... and then I get an error:


our error { TimeoutError: Navigation Timeout Exceeded: 30000ms exceeded
    at Promise.then (/project/node_modules/puppeteer/lib/NavigatorWatcher.js:74:21)
    at <anonymous> name: 'TimeoutError' }

How can I ignore it or set a higher timeout?

That's my script:

await page.goto('url'+tableCell04Val, {waitUntil: 'load'});

You can use timeout: 0 to disabled timeout errors if you're loading a heavy page.

Use it in your page.goto like:

await page.goto('url'+tableCell04Val, {waitUntil: 'load', timeout: 0});

You can see the PR made to Pupeteer here which added the change, along with documentation and the unit tests that implement it.

  • Its working for direct pages, but not for the oauth redirect pages. – MohanBabu Jan 14 '20 at 5:58


You can also change the page behaviour since V1.0.0:

await page.setDefaultNavigationTimeout(0); 

The param is the timeout in milliseconds.

References: https://github.com/GoogleChrome/puppeteer/blob/master/docs/api.md#pagesetdefaultnavigationtimeouttimeout https://pptr.dev/#?product=Puppeteer&version=v1.17.0&show=api-pagesetdefaultnavigationtimeouttimeout


There are two methods to handle the timeouts in Puppeteer:

a) page.setDefaultNavigationTimeout(timeoutInMiliseconds)

It affects the navigation-related functions:

•   page.goBack([options])
•   page.goForward([options])
•   page.goto(url[, options])
•   page.reload([options])
•   page.setContent(html[, options])
•   page.waitForNavigation([options])

b) page.setDefaultTimeout(timeoutInMiliseconds)

It affects all the previous navigation functions plus all the Waiting funtions:

•   page.waitFor(selectorOrFunctionOrTimeout[, options[, ...args]])
•   page.waitForFunction(pageFunction[, options[, ...args]])
•   page.waitForRequest(urlOrPredicate[, options])
•   page.waitForResponse(urlOrPredicate[, options])
•   page.waitForSelector(selector[, options])
•   page.waitForXPath(xpath[, options])

NOTE: page.setDefaultNavigationTimeout takes priority over page.setDefaultTimeout


You can set timeout like this

await page.goto('url'+tableCell04Val, {waitUntil: 'load', timeout: 10000}).then(() => {
}).catch((res) => {
    console.log('fails', res)
await page.goto('url'+tableCell04Val, {  waitUntil: 'networkidle2',timeout: 0});

networkidle2 comes handy for pages that do long-polling or any other side activity.

Check https://github.com/puppeteer/puppeteer/issues/1552#issuecomment-350954419


I got same error but not on directly using node.js application. I faced this issue when I was using MagePack installed on the Ubuntu server.

I fixed it by increasing the timeout in the following file /ur/local/lib/node_modules/magepack/node_modules/puppeteer/libTimeoutSettings.js

const DEFAULT_TIMEOUT = 30000
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    What a hack! love it – Hieu Nguyen Jun 29 at 10:39

The default in puppeteer timeout is 30 seconds. To use custom timeouts, you can use the setDefaultNavigationTimeout and setDefaultTimeout methods or the timeout property in the options parameter. The wait time in all cases is specified in milliseconds.

await page.setDefaultNavigationTimeout(60000);


const page = await browser.newPage();            
await page.setDefaultNavigationTimeout(60000); //timeout 60 seconds now

Pass 0 to disable the timeout

await page.setDefaultNavigationTimeout(0); 

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