I want to define a struct:

struct unit_SI_gen
    const c = 2.99792458e8

However, it raise an error :

syntax: "c = 2.99792e+08" inside type definition is reserved

I know I cant use struct as class in python, but I can not find how to solve this problem.

How to define a constant in struct ?

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    There's a lot of implicit assumptions in your question, all of which are false. In the first place, a const in julia isn't what you think it is, and a struct in julia isn't what you think it is. It may be worth reading the relevant parts in the docs first, these should answer most of your question. Sep 4, 2018 at 12:05

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Given I agree with what was said above about normal usage of struct in Julia, it is actually possible to define what was requested in the question using an inner constructor:

struct unit_SI_gen{F} # need a parametric type to make it fast
    c::Float64 # it is a constant across all unit_SI_gen instances
    speed::F # it is a function

    function unit_SI_gen(x)
        c = 2.99792458e8
        si(x) = c*x
        new{typeof(si)}(x, c, si)
  • Purely for the sake of pedantry and challenging you further, this assumes x is also 'constant' / 'private', so it's not quite what is being asked :) (assuming what is being asked is clear, heheh) Sep 4, 2018 at 15:27
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    The difference is (as I am sure you know :)) that x may change across instances and c may not. And at least this is what I thought that is being asked for - that something like final static in Java is sought for. Of course this is true only if c is bits type (but this is what was asked for). If c were mutable then its pointer would differ between instances unless it were allocated at compile time using a macro (and now we are getting into even more muddy waters). Sep 4, 2018 at 15:52

I second @Tasos's comment, you should probably make yourself familiar with Julia's structs first. The relevant part of the documentation is probably here.

Since you declared your struct as struct (in contrast to mutable struct) it is immutable and hence all (immutable) fields of the struct are constants in the sense that they can't be changed.

julia> struct A

julia> a = A(3)

julia> a.x = 4
ERROR: type A is immutable
 [1] setproperty!(::A, ::Symbol, ::Int64) at .\sysimg.jl:19
 [2] top-level scope at none:0

Note, that they get their unchangeable value in the construction process and not in the struct definition.

Also, methods should generally live outside of the struct definition.

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    just to avoid confusing OP even further, it's less that they generally live outside, and more that one cannot define them as normal fields in the first place (short of hacking your way to it as per my favourite post here :p ) Sep 4, 2018 at 12:35
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    Nice post indeed :) Sep 4, 2018 at 13:42

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