I have search page component i.e.'SeachPage' which shows a list of items which itself is a component 'Summary' in which a user can request a visit by selecting a date from by clicking on an ICON i.e. 'RequestVisit'. Problem is that on props change in 'SearchPage' 'RequestVisit' component rerenders & sometimes that flatpickr OnChange triggers which was supposed to triggered on date select.

const onChange = (date) => {
 //doing something with date
const RequestVisit = ({unitId, onChange}) => {
const Flatpickr = require('react-flatpickr').default;
return (
    <Flatpickr options={{wrap: true, altFormat: 'F j, Y h:i K', disableMobile: true, minDate: new ServerDate(), defaultDate: new ServerDate()}} onChange={onChange} data-name={`unit-request-visit-${unitId}`}>
        <input type='text' name='request-visit' style={{width: '0px', height: '0px', margin: 0}} data-input/>

        <i className='card-icon-font request-visit-icon' data-toggle title='Request Visit'/>

Note: I am not able to reproduce when & how this happens. Am I doing something wrong implementing flatpicker ? Thanks In Advance.

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