I try to connect to my LegoBoost under Perl on Debian 4.9.110-3+deb9u4. It is a Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) device. I can discover and connect to it using gatttool and hci* utilities, but I have no luck with Perl. I tried the following code:

use Net::Bluetooth;
use Data::Dumper;

print "Get remote devices...\n";
my $rDevice = get_remote_devices();
print Dumper $rDevice;

my $addr = "00:16:53:A5:3E:50";
print "SDP search...\n";
my @spd = sdp_search($addr, "", ""); # LegoBoost
print Dumper \@spd;

returns undef and [undef]. I even tried as root, but no luck.

I also tried to connect to this device:

print "Connect to device...\n";
my $obj = Net::Bluetooth->newsocket("RFCOMM");
defined($obj) or die "socket error $!\n";
print "Socket got ", Dumper $obj;
system 'lsof', '-p', $$;

my $port = 14;
if($obj->connect($addr, $port) != 0) { die "connect error: $!\n";}
print "Connected...\n";
sleep 5;

#### create a Perl filehandle for reading and writing
my $fd = $obj->perlfh();
print Dumper $fd;
close $fd or die;


Connect to device...
Socket got $VAR1 = bless( {
                 'PROTO' => 'RFCOMM',
                 'SOCK_FD' => 4
               }, 'Net::Bluetooth' );
connect error: Host is down

Any idea is appreciated!

Thank you in advance!


It seems that Net::Bluetooth is for normal bluetooth devices, not for BLE. I read the source of the Perl package Net-Bluetooth-0.41. The module's get_remote_devices sub is defined in Bluetooth.c as a C function. It calls hci_get_route (in libbluetooth.so) at first then calls hci_inquiry, which inquires the bluetooth devices, but not the BLE devices. :(

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