I have following DB design scenario and I am wondering if I can implement its replication using PouchDB - CouchDB architecture.

Use Case scenario

I have hybrid mobile app, which is currently using PouchDB as local persistent layer. Once each App Instance (AppI) starts, it creates a PouchDB document, which holds all AppI persistent data e.g. user name, avatar and etc. Only this AppI is responsible to manage its own Document Instance - DocI.

Now, at some point, particular AppI can decide to connect with other / others AppI - in such case, these AppIs will exchange their DocIs. Once it happens, each AppI will have in its own DocI for its own data and copies for all DocIs for all other AppIs which decides to share its data with it.

Each AppI is responsible for its own DocI and in case of data changes - it changes it locally and then sends its DocI to all AppIs which it agreed to share data with. So far so good.

I believe you can see at the moment a backend replication is not involved - every AppI is responsible to hold and keep your own DocI and will receive updates for all DocIs from other AppIs in which it is in collaboration.


Now it comes my requirement and related question to it: I would like to backup each DocI from respective AppI to the backend DB. In such scenario, each DocI must replicate to the backend DB Document. In case user lost device, replace it and then decides to install again the App, they will want to recover their data from the DocI backup copy, i.e. from the backend DB.

My first thought was to use CouchDB as a backend as most natural PouchDB sync solution. From what I have read however (please tell me if I am wrong), I understand, that when PouchDB and CouchDB sync, they will sync everything, meaning at some point on each AppI I will have ALL DocIs replicated - even for those AppIs with which this particular AppI has no agreement to exchange data.

The Questions

So my main question is - is the above assumption correct, i.e. I cannot use PouchDB - CouchDB replication AND ensure, I will replicate ONLY specific subset of DocIs to the local PouchDB / AppI?

Additional question - in case the assumption is wrong, can you please point me how this can be modeled with PouchDB / CouchDB pair?

  • CouchDB does offer filtered replication. It should not be used for security purposes, though. I'm not entirely sure if that's a full answer to your question. – Flimzy Sep 5 at 8:33

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