Scenario :

  • I'm trying to create a Firebase Function to add a subscriber to a Mailchimp list using the Mailchimp API but after three days of trying different methods I've had little luck.

Currently my function resembles:

exports.addSubscriber = functions.https.onRequest((req, res) => {
 const Mailchimp = require('mailchimp-api-v3')
 const mailchimp = new Mailchimp('MY_API_KEY');

 mailchimp.post('/lists/'MY_LIST_ID'/members', {
    "email_address": 'test@gmail.com',
    "status": 'pending'
 }).then(function(results) {
    console.log('added new user to mailchimp list');
 .catch(function(err) {
 return null 
  • When I try to trigger the function it results in a 'crash' with
    Error: Cannot find module 'mailchimp-api-v3' in the logs.
  • I've already ran npm install mailchimp-api-v3 in my local Firebase directory so the module should be available.

Where am I going wrong?
Is there a simpler way to use the Mailchimp API with Javascript?

  • Can you share your package.json file? – Renaud Tarnec Sep 5 '18 at 7:31

Try to run

npm install mailchimp-api-v3 --save

It seams the above package is missing.

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