I know you can't utilize pointer arithmetic on void pointers, but could you theoretically do pointer arithmetic on pointers to void pointers, since sizeof(void *) would yield an answer of how many bytes a pointer takes on your system?


Pointer arithmetic is not permitted on void* because void is an incomplete object type.

From C Committee draft N1570:

6.5.6 Additive operators
2. For addition, either both operands shall have arithmetic type, or one operand shall be a pointer to a complete object type and the other shall have integer type.

But it is permitted on void** because void* is NOT an incomplete object type. It is like a pointer to a character type.

6.2.5 Types
19. The void type comprises an empty set of values; it is an incomplete object type that cannot be completed.
28. A pointer to void shall have the same representation and alignment requirements as a pointer to a character type.

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    The second quote is not really relevant; the rules for pointer arithmetic to complete types apply – M.M Sep 6 '18 at 4:40
  • Just wanted to show that a pointer to void is a complete type. – P.W Sep 6 '18 at 4:41

Yes, pointer arithmetic works on pointers to void pointers (void**). Only void* is special, void** isn't.


void *arrayOfVoidPtr[10];
void **second = &arrayOfVoidPtr[1];
void **fifth = second + 3; // pointer arithmetic
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    Some compilers allow as an extension void * arithmetics. One of the examples is gcc – 0___________ Sep 6 '18 at 3:02

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