I have a problem with ipad that it's not happening with other tactil devices.

I have a table with "mouseenter" event, and a cell with "click" one.

The problem is I need to click twice the button to get the click event.

 <mat-table #table [dataSource]="dataSource">

   <ng-container matColumnDef="BUTTON">
      <mat-header-cell *matHeaderCellDef> BUTTON </mat-header-cell>
      <mat-cell *matCellDef="let v">
           <button mat-icon-button [routerLink]="['/home']">

    <mat-header-row *matHeaderRowDef="displayedColumns""></mat-header-row>
    <mat-row *matRowDef="let row; columns: displayedColumns;"
     (click)="$event.stopPropagation()" (mouseenter)="over(row)"> 

over(row) changes de style to the row, so, the first time I click in button I got the style changed and the second one the routerLink. Is it possible to solve?

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