I'm trying to write test code for testing abort method but I could not find solution with it. How can I access the error message coming from werkzeug ? Would anyone please tell me tips to deal with this issue ?

.py code written by flask

def check_access_token(func):
    def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
            if not rows_all:
                abort(401, {"error_message": "access token is ineffective."})

test code with pytest

with app.test_request_context(path, method="POST", headers=headers, data=payload) as req:
        def mock():
            return jsonify(["dummy"]), 200
        func = check_access_token(mock)
        import pdb;

debug result

(Pdb) p func(req.request)
*** werkzeug.exceptions.Unauthorized: 401 Unauthorized: {'error_message': 'access token is ineffective.'}
  • Why dont u use unittest library? u can send a get request using requests library and then assert the response – DarkSuniuM Sep 6 at 9:20
  • I use pytest and this code is just a small part of the entire complicated code. There are several reasons that I don't use unittest. So I need solution for the above question for now.Or you mean that I can get the error_message if I use requests library ? Would you please tell me more about what you think about ? – Nana Sep 6 at 9:26
  • u are returning a json for error message, u can use json.load(requests.get(url).text) as the response, u can use requests.get(url).status_code as the status code and ..., there is a lot of great things u can do using requests itself – DarkSuniuM Sep 6 at 9:43
  • Sorry that I'm confused now. I know this way of using requests but how is it connected with the issue that I have ? I mean how is it related to werkzeug ? – Nana Sep 6 at 9:48
  • Its not, I just suggested the requests cause writing a test like this is easier using that – DarkSuniuM Sep 6 at 9:49

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