I implemented a SOAP Server (as a module for Apache23) starting from a WSDL published by a third party (Italian Revenue Agency).

I imported the WSDL and then implemented the class and all the necessary methods.

Now the problem that arises is related to how the names of the SOAPActions are exposed and therefore are not reachable by the external client (which clearly can not be changed).

To be precise, the value of the SOAPAction exposed by my service is


(where "TrasmissioneFatture" is the name of the class and instead "AttestazioneTrasmissioneFattura" is the name of the procedure to call).

The call that comes from the outside contains in the SOAPAction the value



Here the problem arises .... If I change the value of the SOAPAction in this way

InvRegistry.RegisterInterface (TypeInfo (TransmissionFatture), 'https://miosito.xxx.it/soap/TrasmissioneFatture/', 'UTF-8');

In the wsdl now the SOAPActions are all modified in "http://miosito.xxx.it/soap/TrasmissioneFatture/#AttestazioneTrasmissioneFattura".

Is there any way to remove the "#" tag from the method name?

Thanks so much.

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