I am using zend framework 1.12

I have a form with select option. I need to show the dropdown values from database.

I created a form and initialized in Controller and showed it in view page.

The form is showing properly. But the dropdown element, I need to show the values from database.

Below is the code of the form:

class RDealForm extends BaseForm {

    public function init() {


        $this->addElement('text', 'rdealname', array('label'=>'Deal Name:', 'required' => true));

        $this->addElement('select', 'rmerchantname', array(

            'label'=>'Merchant Name:',
            'required' => true,
            'value_options' => $this->getOptionsForSelect(),
//            'multiOptions' => $this->getOptionsForSelect()

        $this->addElement('submit', 'Add');



    public function getOptionsForSelect()

        $dataService = new DataService();
        $details = $dataService->findAll();

//        return $details;

         foreach ($details as $detail) {
             $val = $detail->getName();

         return $val;



In controller I have the following code:

 * @Anonymous 
public function dataAction() {
    $rdealForm = new RDealForm();
    $this->view->rdealForm = $rdealForm;
    $dataService = new DataService();
    $details = $dataService->findAll();
    $this->view->details = $details;

In view page, I have the following code:

<?php echo $this->rdealForm;?>

Query is, for select option I need to show the values from database. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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