We use TFS for our source control. Everything worked ok for a while then we started getting errors when adding existing projects to source control.

When I add the files to source control then try to check them in I get this error - TF10175: The team project does not exist.

Then the files look like they are checked in but any attempt to edit them gets this error: TF402484 - team project has been deleted.

enter image description here

I can see the project in Source Control Explorer, but when I close visual studio and go back in it's gone and doesn't exist in source control at all.

It's happening for every project so we can't add anything new to source control.

  • Did you validate whether or not the team project was deleted, as is indicated in the error message? – Daniel Mann Sep 6 '18 at 15:09
  • Could you reproduce that issue in other machine? – Andy Li-MSFT Sep 9 '18 at 3:53

Just try below things to narrow down the issue:

  • Try adding the existing projects to source control in another client machine.
  • Delete the workspace and created a new one, then check it again.

    Team Explorer Home --> Under Solution --> Click the arrow down behind workspace --> Manage Workspaces... --> Select the specific workspace then Remove

    Note: This will remove all your local mappings. Therefore you should checkin all changes before deleting it.

  • Look at Excluded Changes section under Pending Changes and check if there are any files which belong to a deleted folder. If yes, right click at the file name and choose Undo.

    enter image description here

Also reference this thread : Visual Studio TFS: TF10175 During Add Solution To Source Control in Visual Studio How To Fix

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