wxPython version: 4.0.3

I want to make my radio buttons in the radiobox 3-5 times larger in diameter than there are on an image below.

I have checked:

I have tried:

  • rbox = wx.RadioBox(self.panel, size = wx.Size(100, 100))
  • rbox(wx.Font(self.xs_font,wx.DEFAULT,wx.NORMAL,wx.NORMAL))

all of this only changes the size of the field with radiobuttons but not actual radiobuttons

But It seems I cannot change the size of buttons

my code:

    rbox = wx.RadioBox(self.panel, size = wx.Size(100, 100),choices = ['off','on'],majorDimension = 1, style = wx.RA_SPECIFY_ROWS|wx.EXPAND|wx.ALIGN_CENTER)
    sizer.Add(rbox , pos=(14, 8), span=(2,4), flag=wx.EXPAND|wx.ALIGN_CENTER, border=5)

enter image description here


You are correct. wx does not allow you to change the size of the buttons, only the window they are in. From the documentation:

size (wx.Size) – Window size. If wx.DefaultSize is specified then a default size is chosen.

Maybe try tkinter? It also doesn't allow you to control the size of the button itself, but you can make the entire contents into a button using indicatoron=0 which you can control the size of. Hope that helps.

from tkinter import *
R1=Radiobutton(root, text='Off', variable=var, value=1, height=10, width=20
R1.pack( anchor = W )
R2=Radiobutton(root, text='On', variable=var, value=2, height=10, width=20
R2.pack( anchor = W )
  • @valentyn Yes, it's a different package. Tkinter Documentation. I looked through the wx documentation and couldn't find what you were looking for. I have a bit of experience with tkinter so I came up with this "near-solution" using what I knew. Thanks for accepting my answer! Sep 10 '18 at 18:25
  • @ dissemin8or you did provide a very good answer to my original question. Though it didn't help me to solve my problem, you pointed out that the current implementation of wxPython doesn't support a change in the size of the buttons.
    – Valentyn
    Sep 10 '18 at 18:57

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