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When a producer sets acks to "all" (or "-1"), this min.insync.replica configuration specifies the minimum number of replicas that must acknowledge a write for the write to be considered successful.

It says when the minimum number of in-sync replicas acknowledge, the write is successful but when i run performance test with min.insync.replica as 1 and 3 (for a topic of partition=1 and R.F=5 in 5 broker setup), the performance of kafka producer, with acks='all', is same.

So, Does min.insync.replica per-topic configuration affects Kafka producer throughput (ran in isolation) with acks="all" ?


min.insync.replica is the minimum number of replicas that must acknowledge that data was received successfully for a write to be successful.

Throughput will be definitely affected if you set min.insync.replica to 3 and acks=all but won't be affected if you set acks=0 or 1, but when you do this there is a possibility of data loss if the leader fails.

  • It affects throughput significantly. – nish Jun 30 '20 at 7:51

If you use acks='all', the leader waits until in-sync replicas get the message before sending back an acknowledgment or an error, so the performance is affected. In case of min.insync.replica=1, the producer gets a response back once the message is written to the leader. It should be faster than using min.insync.replica=3 as in this case the producer waits for 2 replicas to get all the messages before it can consider the message as committed.

Your results mean that the latency between your brokers is very low. I believe you should see the difference if you start the brokers in different datacenters/regions.


if you DO NOT set acks='all' and min.insync.replica > 1 be aware that you are risking data loss. If the leader goes down, it means there is no guarentee that the replicated node is a copy of the leading one. That was actually the main idea behind Kafka preventing such cases as a distributed system.

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