I have a very small test case:

def test_snapshot_missing_snapshot_capacity():

    backup_ts = bar_snapshot.create_backup(cloud_storage_driver, cloud_storage_driver_md, hydra_client)
    assert not backup_ts

where test_bar_snapshot_capacity_missing.json has:

  "snapshot_capacity_missing": true

Basically I have injected fault here.

Now my code which I am testing is:

if fault.is_fault("snapshot_capacity_missing"):
    log.error("One or more incomplete backup/s intended for deletion do not have snapshot capacity. \
               Skipping deleting incomplete backup altogether.")
    return None

I don't get log.error printed on console at all. Even if I add log.error before the statement it does not get printed. My test case pass though. Any special setting to be made so that log statements work for functional tests?

  • How did you declare log? – Tiger-222 Sep 7 at 9:59
  • import logging; log = logging.getLogger(name) – aaj Sep 7 at 10:12

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